security guard companies minneapolis

security guard companies minneapolis

epg security group

The Company

About EPG Security Group PhotoEPG Security Group is an independently owned full-service security agency providing executive protection, and uniformed agents. Our clients range from restaurants to hotels, from corporate businesses to hospitals, from entertainers to sports celebrities, and from politicians to private individuals. Many of our clients come to us by word-of-mouth referrals, as we have built our reputation on superior customer service, communication, knowledge, experience, trust, and ethics. When you shake our hand, we take care of you.

Led by Erik Bergling with more than 20 years security experience, EPG Security serves clients with a range of security needs, from a few hours a week to round-the-clock coverage to project work. Regardless of the size and scope of the work at hand, all our clients have a direct relationship with EPG’s CEO Erik Bergling, who is committed to personal service and the overall well-being of EPG’s clients.
EPG Security is licensed in the State of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Florida and the Washington DC and serves our clients in any part of the world where they need to do business. With networks extending nationwide and reaching around the globe, we have the resources and depth to get the job done wherever our clients need to be.

Core Values

Expect More

At all levels of EPG’s business we want to expect more than the average. We want our clients and employees to expect the same. By focusing on customer service and training, and supporting employee development, we strive to be the exception to the industry standard. We give our clients the opportunity to expect more from their security solution.

Integrity provides peace of mind

We believe the principles of Integrity include being honest and forthright, trustworthy, compassionate, accountable and staying true to your ethics and obligations. By approaching every project and client with these values intact, we develop a level of trust that ensures they can rest easy that their safety, assets and liability are protected.

security guard companies minneapolisBuilding relationships through conviction

We believe that our clients deserve a security partner that is more concerned about long lasting relationships than billable hours. By doing whatever it takes to find the right solution for our clients, and continuously evaluating, adjusting and improving those solutions, EPG strives to develop partnerships that can last a lifetime.

A holistic approach to ensuring your safety

A holistic approach means identifying any and all necessary parts that are needed to effectively build a comprehensive security plan, and joining them together to create a whole. No one solution is right for every client, and by continuous training and development, and by listening to our clients’ feedback, we can tailor fit a security solution that fits each client’s needs.

Our Passion

Become the standard by which the industry is measured

EPG’s approach was forged and honed directly by seeing the options in the industry, and learning what not to do. Each core value is derived from the shortcomings of a majority of other security companies. It has always been a motivating factor in EPG’s history to provide a better standard of service, and allow our existing and prospective clients the realization that there is a better option than the middle of the road. We want to continue to raise the bar, and inspire others in the industry to do the same.

Our Niche

Delivering conventional security services in an unconventional way

There should not be a template for security services, but often it is approached that way. There should not be indifference when it comes to safety, but frequently it is an afterthought. Our approach is proactive rather than reactive; fluid and flexible rather than rigid; focused on training, preparation and prevention, rather than just showing up; and focused on people rather than dollars. All of these qualities set EPG apart from the standard security company, and the difference can be seen immediately.

security guard companies minneapolis