EPG Special EventsEPG’s experience and expertise in special event security is unparalleled. Over the years we have worked thousands of special events. These included trade shows, conventions, concerts, car shows, political fund raisers, TV shows, radio shows, studio parties, football games and more.

EPG Security Group’s commitment to partner with its clients to create and execute customized security programs creates risk mitigation for exhibition organizers and special event companies. Every show or event has a unique constituency, circumstances, threats and location(s). Drawing from its capabilities in security program assessment and development, physical security services and state-of-the art security technologies, EPG partners with exhibition and special event companies to develop effective and efficient programs that are specifically targeted to each individual event’s needs.

Special Event security often requires the deployment of large numbers of security officers, and so experienced management, ample and competent supervision and the utilization of smart technologies are critical components to success. The experience of the EPG Security Group’s special events management team, which operates nationwide, is unmatched in the industry. Technology is leveraged to maintain the highest standards. A voice broadcast and text messaging service is utilized for rapid communication to an unlimited number of security personnel at one time and smart phones and GPS mapping are utilized for efficient communications with clients.