Terminating employees is never pleasant but the stakes are extremely high if the individual has a history of workplace violence, or potentially could be aggressive or violent. With EPG Security Group as a partner, companies can effectively handle these high risk terminations while increasing employee safety and confidence. EPG Security Group’s personnel will coordinate with a client’s management and human resource staff, as well as with local law enforcement should they be needed.

EPG Security Group’s high risk termination personnel are professionally trained in non-physical crisis intervention, verbal de-escalation, non-violent confrontation management and employee protection techniques. EPG Security Group can provide a security presence during the high risk termination meeting and can help staff develop response strategies for potential confrontational scenarios.

EPG Security Group can also escort the employee from the premises and monitor the individual’s activities during a certain time frame. Once the process is complete, EPG Security Group will meet with staff to evaluate the effort and make recommendations that can help prevent a potentially dangerous situation from resurfacing.

This service is offered with one goal in mind – to reduce the potential threat of workplace violence at the client’s business and reduce potential liability to the organization.