Erik R. Bergling
Brian Moran
General Manager
David Anderson
Assistant General Manager

Erik R. Bergling

110714epg103retFounder and CEO of EPG Security Group, Erik Bergling is a retired U.S. Marine Corps veteran (Service Connected Disability) with more than 20 years of experience in the security and protection field. Mr. Bergling’s work ethic and personal philosophy provide the company’s direction for customer service — honesty, loyalty, high standards, providing exactly what the client needs exactly when they need it, and exceeding expectations. Whether it’s with clients or employees, Mr. Bergling believe in building relationships and nurturing them.

Highlights from Mr. Bergling’s career include:

  • Coordinating security for events with President Obama’s inauguration in Washington, DC, and with the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, MN (2008) and Tampa, FL (2012).
  • Close protection officer for; Garth Brooks, Madonna, Sir Paul McCartney, Chelsea Clinton, Deputy Minister Natan Sharansky, CIA Director George Tenet, Prince, Gwen Stefani, Senators Norm Coleman and Paul Wellstone, and numerous other executives and celebrities.
  • Provided services for NHL and NFL players’ wedding festivities, including police liaison, advance security, driving, security and crowd control.
  • Mr. Bergling has a soft spot in his heart for his work with the statue dedication to Mary Tyler Moore in 2002 — a celebrity dear to the hearts of Minnesotans.
  • More than 150 government and private organizations have engaged Mr. Bergling as a consultant regarding personal safety, threat assessment and risk evaluation.
  • Republican National Convention 2016.

Mr. Bergling has traveled the world and is dedicated to supporting a diverse community back home in Minnesota. With young twin sons, he and his wife are raising their family in the heart of the Minneapolis urban community, where they spend their free time with family and friends, walking and biking the lakes, volunteering, and supporting the locally owned establishments.

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Brian Moran
From a young age as a Cub Scout then onto The Boy Scouts of America, Brian’s sense of dedication to community and country grew. Brian has served from childhood to present with a continuing commitment of personal dedication, moral fortitude, and professionalism. Brian also brings with him a diverse military and private security background. Brian started in the security business at the age of 18, followed by serving in our nation’s military. During his break in military service he continued furthering his protective experience, first as an Agent with Homeland Security training in Counter-terrorism with Lockheed Martin, then Serving in Minneapolis as part of the Downtown Collaborative and Safe Zone. Brian then pursued his duty to serve his nation once again overseas in Operation Iraqi Freedom and The Global War against Terrorism.

Some highlights from Mr. Moran’s career include:

  • U.S. Navy
  • U.S. Army National Guard
  • U.S Dept. of Homeland Security
  • Minneapolis Downtown Collaborative
  • Minneapolis Safe Zone
  • Private security for special events, weddings, funerals, churches, political events, etc. (MN)

Brian’s core belief that “Deterrence through superior performance and dedication is the key ingredients to today’s security” has shaped his training approach. Now responsible for training and developing all of EPG’s Agents, he is able to pass on his experience and expertise to a new generation of Security Professionals. Brian is a sports enthusiast during the warmer months you will find him running outdoors, mostly at night. During the day, he is spends his time playing sports with his sons or out tooling around on a motorcycle or car. In the winter months, he can be found enjoying walking our malls, sports or music venues, or working out at one of the local gyms. Brian is a Certified Instructor in Pressure Point Control Tactics, Force Tactics, Tactical Handcuffing, and Law Enforcement Firearms. Brian is a Minnesota certified trainer. He is the recipient of many awards for service and heroism.

David Anderson
Scheduler David AndersonDavid Anderson is the Assistant Operations/HR Manager at EPG Security Group. He carries over 7 years of experience in the security field. His dedication to professionalism and integrity is instilled in him from his 4 years of service in the US Navy. Upon his discharge he looked for a company that carried his same set of high moral values and found EPG Security Group in March of 2012 where he started off as an agent. He steadily showed his dedication and adaptability and moved into a supervisor role and eventually to management. He carries a degree in law enforcement and is continuing his bachelor’s degree. David plans on using his experience and education to provide fresh ideas to the growing company.

Some of David’s career highlights include:

  • Served 4 years in the US Navy in various locations.
  • Supervisor for the Security Reaction Force stationed in Virginia Beach
  • Worked with SEAL Team 6 on the security for their base located at Dam Neck Virginia.
  • Coordinating over a dozen large scale events and music festivals including Red Bull Crashed Ice, Summer Set Music Festival, The Electric Forest Music festival and many more.
  • Provided personal security protection for politicians and artists.

David’s interests and hobbies include giving back to the community and promoting a more cohesive city. He is an avid guitar player and enjoys spending the warmer days hiking with his dog.