Job Opening: Suit and Tie Agent/Target Center VIP

We are seeking competent, clean-cut, professional candidates for the position of Suit/Tie Agent with EPG Security Group, based out of Minneapolis.

  • The position will be field-based at a major sporting arena in downtown Minneapolis.
  • This position is an hourly role with various shifts available.
  • The dress code for this position is a professional, tailored black suit and tie, which must be provided by the candidate themselves.
  • Candidates must cover visible tattoos, remove any facial piercings, and maintain personal hygiene at all times while representing EPG Security in this role.
  • Professional appearance and conduct is non-negotiable for this position.
  • Qualified candidates should have a minimum of 2-3 years of security, police, or military experience.
  • We are seeking candidates with a flexible, team-player mentality who are extremely customer-service oriented, take direction well, demonstrate good judgement, and have great communication skills (including maintaining appropriate and professional language at all times while on-site, and verbally deescalating situations).
  • Candidates must have a reliable transportation plan for commuting to downtown Minneapolis (the particular account we are currently hiring for is conveniently located directly on the light rail, if the candidate chooses to utilize public transportation).
  • Candidates must have a clean criminal record and be able to pass a background/fingerprint check.
  • Minimum education level for this position is a high school diploma or equivalent, but a degree in Criminal Justice or similar is a plus.
  • Candidates will be considered based on a combination of work and educational experience.
  • This position could be a great new career opportunity with room for growth, or even just a great second/weekend job.