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Mount Zion Temple

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Mount Zion Temple is a Reform synagogue located in St. Paul, Minnesota, United States. Founded in 1856 as Mount Zion Hebrew Association, it was the first Jewish congregation in Minnesota. The congregation was formed before the statehood of Minnesota in 1858.
Early on the congregation was divided by a group called Ahabath Ahim, which branched off then returned.1871 was the year Rabbi Leopold Wintner began as Mount Zion’s first and Minnesota’s first Rabbi. In 1871, the congregation built the first Synagogue in the state.The same year they founded the Hebrew Ladies Benevolent Society, members of which organized Neighborhood House to serve immigrants in the community. The Rabbis and congregants of Mount ZEmanuel Hess, who had been born in Meerholz, Germany in 1845, became rabbi in 1888.He had previously served as rabbi of Temple Israel of Columbus, Ohio in 1876–1877, and then Congregation B’nai Zion in Shreveport, Louisiana, where he served until 1888. Hess was rabbi of Mount Zion until his death in 1906.In the 1940s the congregation participated in recreations such as “The Jewish Home Beautiful” which shared traditions of daily life.In 1948, began the leadership of Rabbi Gunther Plaut, who published books on the congregation’s history and on the Jewish history of Minnesota. In the 1950s, the congregation chose architect Erich Mendelssohn to design a building for them. After projects in Europe, the Soviet Union, Israel and America – this was his final building, and it was completed after his death in 1953.The congregation moved into the current building in 1956, 100 years after it was first founded. It is located on Summit Avenue.

International Security Associates

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international security associates

ISA is comprised of highly trained and experienced professionals, from the United States Secret Service, federal, state, municipal, university, corporate, international and military environments. Our team has over a century of combined quality investigative, protective, intelligence, special event, aviation, maritime, technical, health & safety, evaluating aberrant behavior and training experience.The ISA team was established with a commitment to our clients, offering honesty, integrity, and confidentiality, coupled with a proactive approach, which leads to peace of mind providing the highest level of security.Worldwide, ISA provides resources to assist progressive companies seeking total asset protection. We develop strategies and design systems that mitigate security, health & safety and human resources risks. At ISA, we believe that our concept of being in partnership with our clients results in enhancing their security and safety, providing a safe and secure environment for their employees, customers and guests.This company offers security consulting & management, threat/risk assessments, investigations, pre employment screening, executive protection, training, international projects, red cell operations, integrity testing, firearms certification, protective intelligence, due diligence, special events, self defense training, CPR training and OPOTC certified training center. The leading national provider of a range of security services, USA is committed to building quality security programs that provide “Solutions for a Safer World™” – a commitment that is proven not only through our ISO certification, but by our professional operations on a daily basis

United States Capitol Police

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capitol police

The United States Capitol Police (USCP) is a federal law enforcement agency charged with protecting the United States Congress within the District of Columbia and throughout the United States and its territories. The USCP are one of the few federal police forces responsible to the legislative branch of the U.S. government. The United States Capitol Police has the primary responsibility for protecting life and property; preventing, detecting, and investigating criminal acts; and enforcing traffic regulations throughout a large complex of congressional buildings, parks, and thoroughfares. The Capitol Police has exclusive jurisdiction within the United States Capitol Grounds and has concurrent jurisdiction with other law enforcement agencies, including the United States Park Police and the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia, in an area of approximately 200 blocks around the complex. Officers also have jurisdiction throughout the District of Columbia to take enforcement action when they observe or are made aware of crimes of violence while on official duties. Additionally, they are charged with the protection of members of Congress, officers of Congress, and their families throughout the entire United States, its territories and possessions, and the District of Columbia. While performing protective functions the Capitol Police have jurisdiction throughout the entire United States.

Assault Prevention LLC

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Sexual assault is any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient. Falling under the definition of sexual assault are sexual activities as forced sexual intercourse, forcible sodomy, child molestation, incest, fondling, and attempted rape.There is an ongoing problem with sexual assault in the U.S. military which has received extensive media coverage in the past several years. A 2012 Pentagon survey found that approximately 26,000 women and men were sexually assaulted. Of those, only 3,374 cases were reported. In 2013, a new pentagon study found that 5,061 troops reported cases of assault. Many people are optimistic that this 50% increase in reports is indicative of victims “growing more comfortable in the system.” Of these reported, however, only 484 cases went to trial, and only 376 resulted in convictions. Ninety percent of the assault victims were eventually involuntarily discharged. Another investigation found that only one in five females and one in 15 males in the United States Air Force would report having been sexually assaulted by service members.
Incidents which have been publicized include the Tailhook scandal in 1991, the Aberdeen scandal in 1996 and the 2003 US Air Force Academy sexual assault scandal. In an attempt to deal with this problem, the Defense Department has issued the Department of Defense Sexual Assault Response policy. A provision in the fiscal 2004 National Defense Authorization Act required investigation and reporting regarding sexual harassment and assault at the United States military academies. A report was published in the New York Times magazine in March 2007 which surveyed women soldiers’ experience in the Iraq War showing significant incidence of post traumatic stress syndromeresulting from the combination of combat stress and sexual assault. 15% of female veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan who have visited a VA facility have screened positive for military sexual trauma.

Jewish Community Relations Council

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Jewish Community

The earliest record of a Jew in Charleston occurs in 1695, when one is recorded as acting as interpreter for Governor Archdale. In 1702 Jews appeared in numbers and voted at a general election. The early Jewish communities in the South were made up primarily of Sephardic Jews who had immigrated from London and the Netherlands, where they had settled following expulsion from Spain and Portugal in the late 15th century.
The Jewish community at Charleston received a substantial addition during the years 1740-41. Following a Spanish invasion of Georgia in 1733, many Jews moved to Charleston, as they feared another Inquisition. In addition, the illiberal policy of the trustees of Georgia induced both Jews and Christians to leave that colony and to flock to South Carolina. During the mid-1700s, Charleston was the preferred destination of Jewish emigres from London, who represented numerous wealthy merchant families. They became involved in business, trade, finance and agriculture in Charleston, with some owning plantations.By 1800 there were about 2,000 Jews in South Carolina (overwhelmingly Sephardic and settled in Charleston), which was more than in any other U.S. state at that time, and more than any other town, city, or place in North America. Charleston remained the unofficial capital of North American Jewry until about 1830, when the increasing number of Ashkenazi German Jews emigrating to America largely settled in New Orleans, Richmond, Savannah, Baltimore, and the north-east (particularly in Boston, New York City and Philadelphia). Their numbers, added to by the later immigration of Ashkenazi Jews from eastern Europe to the Northeast and Midwest industrial cities, far surpassed the mostly Sephardic Jewish community in Charleston.
South Carolina was the first place in America to elect a Jew to public office: Francis Salvador, elected in 1774 and 1775 to the Provincial Congress, in 1776 died in action as the first Jewish American killed in the Revolution. The state was also the birthplace of Reform Judaism in the Americas.