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EPG Security Group successfully protects Representative Michelle Bachmann from Glitter Attack. June 2011″
Description; “In this video clip CEO Erik Bergling and Senior Vice President Don Moe, successfully deter and subdue a protestor after an attempted Glitter Attack. Protestor was detained and arrested and Rep. Bachmann’s rally was not interrupted as a result of our actions.

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann today got a very warm reception from her home state at a conference of conservative bloggers in Minneapolis, but a few gay rights protesters still managed to make her the latest victim of the glitter attacks that have already been waged on fellow GOP presidential candidates Newt Gingrich and Tim Pawlenty.Following her speech at the RightOnline conference this morning, Bachmann had some glitter thrown on her as she made her way off stage to greet the audience. After the brief glitter shower, the protester was swiftly removed by security.”You can run, but you can’t hide,” the protester yelled as she was hauled off.Meanwhile, Bachmann proceeded to work the ropeline, seemingly unfazed by the incident.After Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s speech at Right Online 2011 at the Hilton Minneapolis Saturday, a gay rights activist launched the gay rights’ movement’s intended new crusade of throwing glitter on GOP presidential candidates that support traditional marriage rights. Frank Strategies was there to catch it.


EPG Security Group encounters protestors while with client Andrew Brietbart. June 2011″
Description; CEO Erik Bergling succefully extracts EPG’s client Andre Breitbart from the middle of the convention center as a flash protest took place directed at his presence. Due to EPG’s advance planning techniques, Mr. Bergling was able to neogotiate the safe extraction of Mr. Breitbart out of the building.


In June 2010, Breitbart posted clips from the NAACP Freedom Fund dinner which allegedly proved that USDA Georgia Director of Rural Development Shirley Sherrod was a racist. Per the post, Brown supposedly admitted to “racially discriminat[ing] against a white farmer.” The response from the crowd was “hardly the behavior of the group now holding itself up as the supreme judge of another groups’ racial tolerance. Sherrod subsequently resigned, allegedly amidst pressure from the White House.
The only thing that could derail Breitbart’s narrative would be if the supposed targets of Sherrod’s bigotry came out and defended her. Which they did. That might be because she did, in fact, help the farmers, among other white families. The clips Breitbart posted were selectively edited to remove the portion of Sherrod’s speech where she spoke of how her initial misapprehensions about helping whites led her to realize that race shouldn’t be an issue in her job — the exact opposite of what Breitbart had claimed.
As soon as the full tape went public, the Beltway came down on Breitbart, who went into spin control mode. He argued that his post was never about Sherrod, a fact betrayed by his own writings.Meanwhile, some of the other Big X bloggers came to Breitbart’s defense, including one who seemed to be arguing that the White House and USDA were at fault for believing Breitbart.