Business Travel Safety Tips

Business Travel Safety Tips

Before you embark on your next business or personal trip, review these important safety and security tips:

Before you go:

  • Leave copies of your passport, credit cards, travelers checks and airline tickets with friends or family.
  • Consider investing in travel insurance.

While at the airport:

  • Keep all of your belongings within reach at all times.
  • Do not accept packages from strangers.
  • Remember that security personnel are trained to take your safety serious—do not joke about topics such as terrorism, weapons, explosives or firearms.
  • Check for the most up to date information.

When traveling internationally:

  • If your passport is lost or stolen, be sure to call the local police and the consulate; keep a photocopy of your passport with you to make the replacement process easier.
  • In the event of civil unrest, be sure to contact your hotel, the consulate and your airline to check on safety; avoid demonstrations and when available seek shelter in police stations, hotels, restaurants, etc.
  • Avoid carrying large quantities of cash and use traveler’s checks whenever possible as they can be replaced.
  • The safest way to carry your money and belongings is a non-visible money belt; avoid carrying wallets or purses, or wearing jewelry.
  • When transferring money from your money belt to your pockets, do so in a private area such as a bathroom or hotel room.
  • In order to avoid standing out in a crowd, take the time to research local dress and adjust accordingly.