Holiday Safety Tips

Holiday Safety Tips

1177581_39368842The holiday season is filled with happiness and celebration, but it can also be a time of danger. Unfortunately, there are criminals who use the holidays to target victims who may be distracted by the busy season. Don’t let your holidays be ruined by becoming the victim of a crime. Here are some tips to stay safe.

1. Get to know your neighbors
The holiday season is a great time to get to know your neighbors who live next door, across the street and over the back fence Neighbors watching out for neighbors help keep an eye out for suspicious activity and make communities safer.

2. Safe parking lot practices
Make sure to always lock your vehicle and hid your valuables in the trunk or locked compartment. Make sure to walk in well-lit areas and carry your keys in your hand.

3. Stay alert to your surroundings
Whenever in crowded places stay alert to your surroundings. Keep a look out for anyone that looks suspicious and make sure to never leave your belongings unattended.

4. Home safety
Make sure to lock up all windows and doors when leaving for any length of time. Set indoor and outdoor lights on timers. If a person knocks at your door and you don’t recognize them, don’t feel obligated to open your door. T

5. Inform a trustworthy family and friends when traveling
Inform someone who’s trustworthy where you will be and when you might be expected back to your residence. Ask a neighbor or other dependable persons to watch your house and retrieve your newspapers and mail if possible.