NCAA Tournament Time Also Means Ticket Fraud Time

NCAA Tournament Time Also Means Ticket Fraud Time

NCAA Tournament Time Also Means Ticket Fraud Time!

With the tip off of the annual NCAA Basketball tournament, millions of people will be watching, attending and betting on the games. Everyone is looking to have a great time, cheer on their team and hope to cash in a big bet on an underdog (only where sports betting is legal!) But, it is important to remember that there are dangers to guard yourself against. Today we are going to focus on Ticket Fraud. We all but guarantee you that at least one story or this nature will emerge during the tourney.

Ticket Fraud – One of the fastest growing trends that we see are fraudulent tickets. There are a few different ways that criminals go about counterfeiting tickets but the most common, these days, is when a person buys a ticket to an event and requests that a paper and e-ticket be sent. They will then go on craigslist or another site and sell both. Sometimes they will sell the e-tickets multiple times, so only the first person to redeem the ticket can use it. Here is an example from last season’s Vikings – Packers game. Scammers dupe dozens

The savvier criminal will actually print out excellent duplicates of real tickets on a piece of quality card stock, but will change the seat numbers or section to a non-existent seat. You, as the unsuspecting victim, will buy the ticket thinking you’re in section 140, when in actuality the stadium only has seating from sections 1-130. What to look out for here is, does the ticket have perforated edges? Most tickets have some sort of a perforated piece, but not all. Is there any kind of watermark or hologram that is supposed to be there? Make sure you look up the seat before you buy the ticket to make sure it actually exists.

Remember, protect yourself as best you can by buying your tickets through authorized ticket exchanges or a reputable source.