Executive Protection Traveling Abroad

Executive Protection Traveling Abroad

Executive Protection

Executive Protection Traveling Abroad…The global economy means more and more corporations are sending executives to potentially risky places and countries.   Not only is there the threat of terrorism, kidnapping; there is also the dangers involved in natural disasters like the Japanese Tsunami.  Or the danger could be as simple as an injury resulting from a rental car accident in a foreign country.

Executive Protection–Employers Responsibilities

There is a body of law called “Duty of Care.”  Under this body of law it is a general consensus that corporation has “the obligation for the health, safety and security of their employees when they travel across borders.”

Some companies have put together tasks forces with HR, security, senior management, travel and risk management personnel to address this “Duty of Care.”  They make executive protection a coordination responsibility.

EPG Security Group provides a comprehensive Executive Protection Service that helps you create security strategies and plans to deter and reduce threats. Based on our global experiences, EPG can help you develop and implement an Executive Protection Program that can be customized for your corporation.

Here are traveling tips from Parker, Smith and Feek for executives and their families that will provide some immediate security measures.

Executive Protection—Traveling Tips

  • Don’t think you’re immune because you’re not rich. The most frequent kidnapping targets are middle-class executives and their families. Remember, wealth is relative. A middle-class income in America may well place you on the top end of the income scale in some of the world’s most dangerous nations.
  • When traveling abroad, maintain a low profile and don’t advertise your wealth. Leave your flashy clothes, glittery jewels and luxury car at home.
  • Don’t flaunt your nationality. In the age of global terrorism, your American citizenship may make you the enemy—and the target of terrorist kidnappers. Keep your US passport safe. Know the location of the nearest US embassy. But don’t advertise the fact that you hail from the United States.
  • Vary your routine. Don’t travel the same road, jog the same path or eat at the same restaurant every day. This is particularly true for expatriates stationed abroad for an extended period of time. Don’t let your familiarity with a country and its people blind you to hidden dangers.
  • Only use official taxi stands. Step in a cab abroad, and you risk driving away in your kidnapper’s car.
  • Steer clear of isolated or rural areas. Don’t make the kidnappers’ job any easier than necessary.

Executive Protection Conclusion

If you want help developing a policy and strategy for your executives who must travel abroad, give us a call.  You will find our global experience to be a valuable tool for creating executive protection for your global business.

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